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Look what I found while cleaning up….  8)

3 PAX Jax  |  2 Riot Singed  |  3 K-9 Nasus   |  14 PAX Sivir (lol)

Now, I have all of these skins already so clearly don’t have any use for the rest of them…so it’s giveaway time!

Here are a few options on how to enter! 

1. Like my Facebook page!

2. Like and/or reblog this post (one like and one reblog count as two entries; multiple reblogs do not count)

3. Place an order for any League related items at my store (only orders placed during the giveaway’s duration will count toward this). 

A PAX Jax and K-9 Nasus will be given to one lucky person for each option. Riot Singed will go to one for Facebook and one for the store. PAX Sivirs will be divided as “equally” as possible among all three options! 

Please be sure to have your ask box enabled so I can send you your code via Tumblr for reblogs/likes! I’ll message Facebook winners and e-mail those with store orders. :) Good luck!

I will be messaging winners on Monday, August 6th. 

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